Lucy’s body lies on Walford Common!

Lucy and Lee have spent the night at the restaurant, leaving Ian worried that Lucy didn’t come home. Confiding in Jane about Lucy’s drug habit, Ian, Jane and Fatboy head to the restaurant only to find Lucy with Lee. After confronting Lucy about her cocaine use, they have a heart-to-heart. Telling Lucy she’s the child he’s most proud of, Ian doesn’t realise a hurt Peter has overheard.

Peter bolts, followed by a worried Lucy, who yells at Ian, blaming her cocaine use on him. Searching for Peter, Lucy is frustrated when she has a run-in with Max, who suggests they go to a hotel. With Ronnie and Roxy’s housewarming party in full swing, Lucy decides to search there, but diverts when she gets a mystery email. Later, Lee, Ian and Cindy leave worried messages on Lucy’s phone… as Lucy’s lifeless body lies on Walford Common.

Denise is visiting Libby in Oxford alone after Ian cancels to deal with the family dramas. Unable to hide her true feelings, she comes to the conclusion that she needs to end things with Ian. Back in the Square, Denise finds an empty house and takes off her engagement ring. Meanwhile, Jane prioritises the Beales over Masood, cancelling their Easter break.