Lucy’s looking for trouble

Craig takes Lucy out in his car and blags a tenner from Ronnie to buy some alcopops. Lucy sullenly tells Craig that she’s had enough of her dad and wishes he were dead. Lucy doesn’t take Craig seriously when he tells her it could be arranged. But what she doesn’t know is that Craig has a gun in his car…

Tanya is devastated that Rainie lied to her about being clean and she grabs the heroin and gets rid of it. A furious Rainie gives Tanya a few home truths and it’s clear that Tanya originally introduced her to drugs. Tanya tells Rainie that she can either stay and get help, or take the money and stay out of her life for ever. Tanya is devastated when Rainie chooses the money over her.

Ronnie and Roxy are still stuck behind the dust sheet at the Beale house and they’re being forced to listen to

Jane and Ian snogging! Ronnie and Roxy manage to slip out of the house with the bust and when Ian later realises it’s missing he confronts them. He’s stunned when they mention Jane’s affair with Grant after hearing him alluding to it the night before.

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