Rosie‘s spent the night at Luke’s and he asks her if she’d like to move in, although says she’ll think about it she’s secretly delighted. He offers her his shares in the factory pointing that she’d be the boss. Luke is starting to think he has finally solved his money problems, but it appears time may be running out as he takes a call from Carla.

Maria‘s shocked at the state of Tony – it’s clear he’s hungover and hasn’t slept and he confesses he thought they were over. Helen, Barry, Michelle and Ryan set off for Liam’s grave to pay their respects, but Helen’s angry when she see Maria arriving with Tony just as they are leaving the cemetery. Maria tells Tony she feels it’s time to say goodbye to Liam and look to the future instead. Moved by her words Tony surprises her with a proposal.

Lloyd is impressed when he discovers Teresa has tidied up after herself and left a thank you note, but he cringes when Liz walks into the cab office to find them sharing a joke.

Also, Teresa’s curry goes down a storm at the kebab shop but Dev is not impressed when he catches her handing over another batch to Umed.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm

Helen isn’t impressed when Maria insists Tony joins them for a family meal. After a difficult and emotional dinner Maria and Tony manage to get some time alone when Helen and Barry decide to nip to the pub. As a loved up Tony and Maria discuss their future together the mood is broken when Helen and Barry arrive back. The Connors are shocked when Maria tells them she and Tony have just got engaged.

Luke convinces Rosie she should transfer all her money to him in return for his shares in Underworld. Rosie’s excited at the thought of being the factory boss, but Luke tells her that she should keep quiet about their plans for now.

Dev is furious with Umed for getting involved with Teresa and calls him a fantasist. Umed breaks down and admits to Dev the reason he left Mumbai is because he’d run up huge gambling debts and thinks the time has come for him to return and sort out the mess.

Also; Teresa massages Lloyd’s back for him and he lets her stay another night; Leanne confirms Tony and Maria are an item and Janice is intrigued to know why Carla is suddenly so interested in Tony.