Luke becomes Tony’s boss!

Tony and Luke continue to rub each other up the wrong way and when a customer complains about the quality of stitching on an order Tony wastes no time in blaming Luke for the shoddy workmanship. Tony is gobsmacked, however, when a smug Luke announces to the factory staff and Tony that he has bought out Carla‘s share of the business and is their new boss!

Liz is furious when she overhears Lloyd chatting to Poppy and discovers that he is heading off to Ibiza with a gang of mates and hadn’t bothered to tell her about it. Lloyd tells Eileen about the row and she tells him she isn’t surprised by Liz’s reaction, but refuses to get drawn into the argument.

Peter is amused at how many walks Ken is taking Eccles on these days and he’s unaware that Eccles is merely a smokescreen for his dad’s clandestine visits to Martha. Ted, meanwhile, asks Ken if he has come clean to Martha yet about the fact that he is married.

Also, a desperate Joe has a word with Len about his money problems and Len offers to put him in touch with a man who could help him out; Amber is offered a place at a London university.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tony is stunned when Carla’s lawyer confirms that Carla has sold her share of the factory to Luke and wants to cut all ties with her ‘ex-husband’. Tony feels utterly rejected and he packs all Carla’s things into bin bags and tells Rosie to get rid of them. Meanwhile, Natasha tries to win Tony round by telling him that Carla is not worth crying over.

Liz struggles with her jealousy over Lloyd’s planned trip to Ibiza. Things are made even worse when she sees Lloyd laughing and joking with Poppy at the bar. Liz does her best to put on a brave face as she waves her lover off on holiday.

Tara’s opening party at the gallery goes well, but Dev is concerned when Tara tells him that she bought three pieces of art on his credit card. Umed continues to be unimpressed with the way Tara appears to be using Dev as a sugar daddy to fund a pipe dream.

Also, Ken enjoys an afternoon with Martha but is almost caught out by Chesney who is walking along the towpath and another opportunity to come clean about Deirdre comes and goes; Audrey chastises Gail for taking Joe back and Joe is embarrassed.

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