Luke is in danger of becoming Phelan’s next victim!

Phelan is furious when Luke confronts him and the pair get into a fight… second episode of evening

When Phelan fails to answer Luke’s questions, he resolves to report Andy missing to the police and tell them all he knows. But as Luke goes to leave, Phelan smacks him over the head with a rock. The men fight and Luke punches Phelan knocking him unconscious. Luke staggers to his car and sets off while Phelan gives chase in his van. Will he be able to stop Luke?

When Sean loses his job at the medical centre for breach of patient confidentiality he’s convinced Jude and Angie are behind it and accuses them outright. Dr Gaddas is forced to step in and confirm they had nothing to do with it.

Rana tells Kate she can’t live with the lies and is going to break the news to Zeedan that she’s leaving him. But when Zeedan arrives home on cloud nine having found the perfect premises for their café, will Rana break his heart?

Toyah and Eva row over who has the right to commandeer the back room. Imran casts his eye over the racist hate mail and assures Alya it’s important evidence and should help Luke’s case.

Second episode of evening.