Rosie announces to the factory staff that she and Luke are going to live together and they’re incredulous. Luke also can’t believe what he’s got himself into as he explains to Michelle that he couldn’t bring himself to dump Rosie while she was so upset. But Michelle’s had enough of waiting and Luke’s forced to say he’ll do the deed that night at the Rovers.

Norris sorts through Ramsay’s belongings for the charity shop and has a change of heart saving the photos, letters and boomerang. He also gives Emily a fob watch that Ramsay treasured. But Norris then stuns Rita by offering to buy her share of The Kabin.

Fiz is still in a gloomy mood as she puts the finishing touches to her wedding dress, still worrying about the reactions of John and Chesney. Kirk announces that he has a job interview and asks for her advice but Julie steers him away. When he then fails the interview Kirk’s upset but Fiz lays into him claiming she has more important things to think about.

Also; Dev’s thrilled when Amber visits as it’s Freshers’ Week at university, but Amber admits to Minnie that she’s not settling in at uni.