Luke fires Tony

Maria cancels her scan appointment at the hospital, as she’s terrified that after losing her son the previous year there may be something wrong with her pregnancy. Maria tries to put it out of mind, but when Tony and Tom start bickering over Ladrags, she snaps, unable to shake her nagging fears.

Meanwhile, Luke is onto Tony’s private investigator and puts on Dev’s discarded Tony mask then throws eggs at the PI’s car and pops up again to wave at him and make it clear the PI’s cover is blown. Luke’s next prank is to don the mask and jump out on Tony at the factory, but he ends up startling Maria instead. Maria is in hysterics as it reminds her of the night Liam died and when Tony walks in he’s furious.

Teresa is not winning herself any friends on the street and her lazy habits aren’t helping. When she turns up late for work at the kebab shop, Minnie is fuming. Later, Teresa kicks up a fuss in Dev’s shop and he vows never to let Amber marry into the family!

Also, Tara tells a worried Poppy she’s planning a nasty surprise for Dev; Steve and Becky are back from the Maldives and loved up.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Luke is left red-faced as Tony explains what the mask means to Maria, but he tells Tony that he went too far in hiring a PI and then fires Tony for misconduct! An outraged Tony meets up with the PI to look over Luke’s finances and he realises that Luke has stretched himself to the limit. Tony threatens to stop all Underworld orders from his textile business if Luke doesn’t reinstate him and Luke realises that Tony has got him over a barrel.

Tony visits Maria to check if she’s OK after Luke’s prank. Maria breaks down on Tony and confesses that she cancelled her baby scan, as she couldn’t face it on her own. A worried Tony offers to go with her and Maria is grateful. As Tony comforts Maria he forgets all about his date with Natasha.

Tara tells Dev she wants to preserve their relationship through photographs and suggests they pose naked for each other. Dev agrees and strips off for the shoot, but when it’s Tara’s turn to pose, snapper Justin’s conveniently called away…

Also, Liz and Becky argue over whether Amy should be allowed to visit her mum in prison; Minnie resigns from the kebab shop; Jack and Connie enjoy a drink.