Luke and Mandy enjoy spending time together – but then Luke runs off!

The pair put their differences aside but Mandy's worried when Luke suddenly scarpers!

Mandy and Luke put their troubles aside to visit Ella. The family spend a perfect day together and after saying goodbye to their daughter, Luke and Mandy take a stroll along the river.

However Mandy is left confused when a distressed Luke suddenly runs off! Who or what has he seen to make him flee with no explanation!?

Meanwhile, Scott is discharged from hospital but he’s stunned when his mum Maggie shows up to hang out with him, Damon, Diane and Brody.

She convinces everyone that she really wants Scott to be part of her life but why is she suddenly being so nice? Has she had a change of heart or has she got an ulterior motive?

Elsewhere Jack is obsessing over every detail of Frankie’s funeral and secretly splashes out £2k on a limited edition Cher record! Uh oh…we know he wants to honour Frankie but perhaps he’s gone just a little bit too far!