It’s Luke and Mandy’s wedding day. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

When Scarlett shows up, Luke and Mandy's Big Day is in jeopardy!

It’s Luke and Mandy’s Big Day but jittery Luke is an anxious wreck following the sudden arrival of his current wife Scarlett who Mandy has no clue about!

In the run up to his nuptials, he arranges to meet her in the Folly but is soon in even more of a spin when Scarlett demands he gives her cash to buy her silence. Either he’ll pay up or she’ll make sure his wedding to Mandy is a total car-crash. What will Luke do?

As bride Mandy makes her way to the ceremony in Nightingales, Scarlett is hovering in the wings and when Darren spies her, he wonders whether to call a halt to the ceremony before Scarlett can. Will the wedding go ahead?

Meanwhile against Damon’s wishes, Scott helps mum Maggie fulfil her bucket list but disaster strikes when he ends up getting arrested. What mess have he and Maggie got themselves into?