Luke urges Nancy not to give up on Darren but has she already made up her mind?

Luke tries to convince Nancy to give her marriage to Darren another chance

Luke urges Nancy not to give up on her relationship with Darren but Nancy’s not so sure. Later on, in a last-ditch attempt to fix things she asks Darren if he’ll consider counselling. What will he say and what other huge betrayals is he hiding from his other half?

Meanwhile Zack persuades Holly to go with him to visit Harry in prison but she’s disgusted to find Tony’s son wallowing in self-pity and soon storms out of the visiting room.

Elsewhere, Maxine threatens Darcy not to hurt the Osbornes and Maggie is in a critical condition after contracting pneumonia. When Brody arrives at the hospital to see her, things are still tense between him and Damon.

Will Scott be able to work his magic and reunite the warring friends?