Lulu learns the hard way that she’s not the most important thing in Michael Spence’s life. Michael’s promised daughter Jasmine that she can watch him at work for a school project – but Sunil reveals Hanssen wants a business plan for the Plastics Unit on his desk by tomorrow to get the go ahead from the board.

When Sunil realises Michael’s seeing Sir Fraser Anderson’s daughter he hits the roof, fearing their relationship could jeopardise the deal. But things get worse for Michael when a former patient, Amelia, returns to Holby with leaking breast implants.

As Michael keeps getting called away, Lulu offers to keep an eye on Jasmine, who ends up doing her dirty work. But the plucky 11-year-old soon wises up to her dad’s new girlfriend and confronts Lulu, who slaps her!

Michael’s livid and promptly tells Lulu she’s dumped! Suspecting he cares more about his precious Plastics Unit, Lulu threatens to tell her father about Amelia’s botched boob job. Should Michael take her threats seriously?

Meanwhile, keen to befriend Elizabeth, Chantelle steps in to help her with a pervy patient, but a prank lands them both in hot water with Ric.