Lydia hands over Sarah’s diary

Charlotte’s still struggling to deal with her guilt after Lydia confessed Sarah sabotaged the parachute. Whilst moving some of Lydia’s things, Charlotte finds a diary belonging to Sarah. She’s furious to discover the lies Lydia has told Sarah about herself. After confronting Lydia, Charlotte persuades her to hand over the diary to Mike.

Zoe fears she will be found guilty of killing Sarah. When Mike unexpectedly takes to the stand with Sarah’s diary. He believes Sarah may have taken her own life. Everyone is on tenterhooks as the juror stands to deliver the verdict…

Gilly’s about to pluck up the courage to dump Cheryl, when they are interrupted by Steph and Fernando, who invite them along to a dance class. Cheryl soon challenges Steph to a dance off. An argument between Steph and Fernando soon erupts, and the pair leave. Before Cheryl and Gilly know it, they are passionately kissing.

Also; Anita’s on a mission to lose her virginity and has decided that Ricky is the ideal candidate. As Anita seductively asks Ricky to meet her at the shack, Duncan is gobsmacked that Ricky is about to get lucky, but Ricky isn’t so excited. He flees from the shack, leaving Anita alone and embarrassed.

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