Zak, Kris and Nancy offer their support for Zoe on the day of her murder trial. Kingsley tells the court that Lydia had confided in him about her fears of Zoe. As Lydia is about to take her oath, she catches Zoe’s eye, but manages to regain her composure. Lydia lies about what happened the night before Sarah died, telling the court that she heard an aggressive Zoe making a pass at Sarah.

Jack’s car breaks down in the village and doesn’t want Darren to get involved after his mishap with the Christmas lights. Theresa happens to be passing when she looks into the engine and instantly knows what’s wrong. Darren tells her that if she’ll fix Jack’s car free of charge, then he’ll wine and dine her at Il Gnosh.

Theresa seems competent but things go awry when Darren gets involved, much to Jack’s annoyance. Later, as they enjoy dinner, Hannah walks in. Instead of being angry when Darren returns home, Hannah pours herself a drink and forgets all about it.

Also: India arrives at The Dog. But when her credit card is rejected, Josh offers arrange a shift for her at The Dog to pay what she owes. A frustrated Rhys watches on as India gives Josh a thank you kiss.

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