Whoops! Lydia tells Megan about Frank Clayton’s secret wedding plans

Frank Clayton flips when Lydia tells him she's told Megan about the wedding!

*First episode*

Lydia puts her size fives in it when she talks to Megan about the wedding Frank Clayton’s planning, not realising it was meant to be a secret! Frank’s furious, and the bombshell sends Megan, who’s plotting Frank’s downfall, into a tailspin…

So Aaron and Adam are off to the gym where they hope to work off some of their stress. Aaron’s reeling from his break up with Robert and Adam from his split with Victoria. So imagine how chuffed they are to see Victoria at said gym and Aaron’s arch enemy Jason there too! People, this isn’t going to go at all well, is it?

Elsewhere, Bernice and Kerry comb the streets.