Lydia’s losing control

Lydia reassures Mike that Sarah wasn’t suicidal and when Archie interrupts her lunch with Mike and Charlotte, she encourages him to leave her to talk to Archie alone. Archie has decided to organise a campaign to help prove Zoe’s innocence but Lydia fears this will only implicate her. Lydia feels she is losing control and admits to a confused Archie that Sarah was never meant to die.

Tony’s livid at the state of his restaurant telling Natty and Ste they’re both sacked but Cindy convinces him to give Ste another chance. However, Ste lets Tony know exactly what he thinks of him and his restaurant and Tony decides to stick by his initial decision and sack him. Ste breaks into Relish and beds down there for the night.

Darren struggles to find any sympathy for Jake, reminding him that he tried to kill his own son and has to face the consequences. Jack and Frankie accompany Jake to the station. DS Murtagh informs Jake that as it’s believed he wasn’t of sound mind at the time of the attempted murder, the charges have been dropped.

Also, Jake asks Loretta round and she’s genuinely pleased for him, but when he tries to kiss her, she abruptly leaves.

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