Lyn and Rebecca prepare for a cook-off in front of celebrity chef Guy Grossi. When the hour arrives, everyone turns up to watch the competition between Mrs Robinson and the ex. It is sure to be an event to remember. But there’s just one person missing – Guy Grossi.

As tensions rise, the cook-off turns into a showdown as Rebecca and Lyn end up with more food on themselves than in their dishes. Will Chef Grossi arrive in time to save Lyn and Rebecca from drowning themselves in cake mixture?

Andrew is relieved when he finds a way to get Griffo to hand over the incriminating footage of him and Donna together, before he goes public with it. He is confident that he has saved the day and will be back in Donna’s good books.

However, unbeknown to Andrew, there is no way Griffo is giving up on his prized possession that easily and after making a copy, hands the footage back to an unsuspecting Andrew. Choosing his moment, Griffo then plays his copy in front of everyone at Charlie’s Bar, much to Donna, Andrew and Ringo’s despair.

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