In Harold’s, Sonya tells Toadie he should speak to Steph but he says he wants to stay out of it. Lyn approaches Lucas and tells him she is worried about Steph seeing Woody, just as Steph walks in. Angry, Steph walks out and Lyn follows. When Steph asks her to pick Charlie up from day care, Lyn points out that she hasn’t spent much time with her son recently. When Steph loses it, Lyn suggests she might be suffering from depression and should see a doctor.

Worried, Lyn, Toadie, Sonya and Lucas stage an intervention to get Steph some medical help, but they only manage to push her away. Steph packs a bag and leaves. When Charlie asks where his mum is, Lyn doesn’t know what to say.

Zeke reminds Karl it’s his and Susan’s wedding anniversary, and Karl pretends he hasn’t forgotten. Knowing he has no time to buy a gift, Karl asks Ringo for help. Later, at the hospital, a cocky Karl shows Ringo a gold pen he has ‘bought’ for Susan, but when Ringo points out the pen is engraved with someone else’s name, Karl has to admit he took it from the ‘lost and found box.’ However, on closer inspection it turns out the pen was in the ‘things people have swallowed box!’

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