Lyn gives Rosie a job

Oblivious to Paul’s growing infatuation with Rosetta, Lyn insists on offering her a business law traineeship at Lassiter’s, leaving Paul feeling distinctly uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Pepper counsels Rosie against taking the position with Paul, but Rosie refuses to listen and decides to take the job.

Following a hasty tour of Lassiter’s complex, Paul’s keen to get Rosie out of his way, but makes a bad mistake when he shows her the hotel’s wine cellar. Feeling claustrophobic, Paul starts to panic when the pair are accidentally locked in.

After just about managing to stop Pepper walking in on her mum Chris with her new female partner, Janae confronts her boss, and Chris is relieved to get things out in the open, and confesses to her lesbian relationship. But with Chris worried that Pepper won’t respond well to the news, she swears Janae to secrecy.

Steph is upset when she discovers a note Max left for baby Charlie, which hints he wanted to leave her before his accident with Cameron. Distressed, Steph starts boxing up Max’s possessions to rid the house of his memories, leaving Boyd livid. Steph tries to justify her actions by showing him Max’s letter, and Boyd ends up finding similar letters from Max among his things.