With the wedding over, Steph wonders what new project Lyn will take on to fill her time. However, Kate comes up with the perfect distraction. Terry! But Lyn is not interested. Later Lyn bumps into Terry outside the coffee shop and engages in a light-hearted conversation, which inadvertently leads to her agreeing to go on a date.

Rebecca returns home early, anxious to prepare for Indy’s first birthday party and to learn all about Donna’s recent engagement. Meanwhile, as Paul prepares a welcome-home breakfast for Rebecca, Declan receives a suspicious text from Paul’s boss Diana Marshall about his dodgy dealings, which he quickly deletes.

Paul tells a delighted Rebecca about a large money investment into PirateNet from an old client, but he claims the client wishes to remain anonymous. However, as the neighbours enjoy Indy’s party she is found lying on her bedroom floor after choking on a marshmallow and is quickly rushed into hospital.

Declan confides in Toadie about his secret message from Diana. With Declan left struggling to know what to do with the information he has on Paul, he informs Toadie and discovers that Paul’s incriminating DVD has been destroyed. However, when Declan confronts Paul, he is horrified when Paul tells him that if he goes down, so will Rebecca.

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