Lyn launches an appeal to free Steph

With Summer in hospital and Charlie missing his mum, Lyn doesn’t know what to do, especially as Steph is still refusing to see anyone. Lyn asks Lucas to try and visit Steph but he tells Lyn that Steph asked him not to and he has to respect that.

Desperate, Lyn tells Toadie she wants to appeal Steph’s case. Toadie points out it’s a huge risk and, if they lose, they could increase Steph’s sentence. Sonya asks if he is sure about taking the appeal on and he points out he can’t abandon them.

Later, Toadie goes to see Lyn to tell her he spoke to Steph and she doesn’t want the appeal. Not wanting to accept it, Lyn tells him she will find another lawyer. Toadie tells her Steph has accepted what’s happened and she needs to too. Lyn calls in another lawyer and despite the huge fees, she agrees to go ahead.

Andrew goes round to see Tash and says he has a surprise for her. An excited Tash is quickly disappointed when Andrew produces his new business cards. Later, Tash asks Andrew if he loves her and when he hesitates she pretends she was only joking. When Andrew brings it up later, he tells her he likes her but that’s all.

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