Lyn pushes Rebecca and Paul to the limit!

Rebecca and Paul return from their honeymoon to discover that Lyn hasn’t left town and intends to stay! Rebecca goes to see Susan and tells her about Lyn’s attempts at blackmailing Paul. Lyn totally denies it, claiming she didn’t sign the papers because Paul was rude! So, Susan sets up a meeting so that Lyn can sign the papers. Lyn asks for an apology, and she signs the papers. However, Lyn doesn’t want to leave Erinsborough.

Declan pays the price for not studying. When Declan walks out of the exam without completing his paper, Dan and Libby go to his aid. Declan feels he’s blaming Bridget for the fact that he’s just been slack. He’s sick of everyone feeling sorry for him. Libby gives him the confidence he needs to prepare for the final exams. Can he do it?

Kate agrees to go to the Deb with sleazy Kyle. She tells Harry she’s only doing it so Harry doesn’t go to the ball. Harry decides he’s going to get a job to help her pay for dance lessons. Harry gets a job at the gym to pay for her dance lessons, but she tells Harry she doesn’t want it. She needs a job to support the family.

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