Lyn relaunches Harold’s Store

Lyn realises owning Harold’s Store comes with financial difficulties to be managed, and the conflict between her and Rebecca escalates as she resorts to desperate measures to make ends meet. Steph’s infuriated by the way the fight is splitting the neighbourhood in two, and orders her Mum to put an end to it. Lyn calls a truce with Rebecca, but her money troubles continue until Paul presents her with a risky offer.

Having been grounded by Elle, Donna’s bored at home and entertains herself by exercising her talents for fashion and accessorising. When she learns of a fashion event featuring her favourite up-and-coming designer, Donna decides she has to attend.

She asks Elle, who is distracted by her own unease about her impending move to New York, but is denied permission. Donna, refusing to have her plans derailed, convinces Ringo to help her. She arrives at the swanky party, but has trouble getting past the doorman – will Ringo bail her out?

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