Lyn revels in Paul’s demise

Lyn’s enjoying Paul’s downfall and when his card is declined in Harold’s, she takes great pleasure in cutting it up. Things get worse when Andrew realises that Paul would use Tash and the baby to get at Michael, and tells him to do his own dirty work. And when Paul offers him a job at Lassiter’s, Andrew tells him to shove it.

Rebecca has begun divorce proceedings and has enlisted Toadie’s help. Seeing Andrew let down by Paul, she offers him her support, but he rejects it. However, when Declan offers to help Andrew look for a job, he tells them he appreciates their help. Rebecca and Declan are having dinner at Lucas’ with Susan when Declan’s phone rings.

He’s disappointed when he’s told he hasn’t got the job and realises Paul’s behind his failed job and housing applications. And when Paul sues Rebecca for mental hardship Declan tells her the situations out of control. When Rebecca goes home, Declan calls his brother, Oliver, telling him they need his help.

Meanwhile, Zeke’s heading off for London and the neighbours are bombarding him with lists of what they want him to bring back. And with Karl away too, Susan feels lonely.

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