Following Andrew’s declaration of love, Lyn and Summer are at loggerheads about Summer staying behind. Lyn refuses to let Summer stay, but Summer tells her she’s not leaving Andrew. While Susan tries to calm Lyn down, Paul tells Andrew to be realistic and let Summer go with her family. But the lovebirds will not back down. Providing a solution, Susan tells Lyn that she and Karl will take Summer in as Summer arrives and hugs Susan and says it’s a perfect idea. Lyn reluctantly agrees and says a tearful farewell to Summer and Susan as she leaves the street.

Libby’s excited about being mentored by Michael, in a bid to bag herself a job as a principal. Keen to show Michael her five year plan, she’s somewhat put out when that’s not what he’s interested in. He wants to know when she got her calling to be a teacher, and when she won’t give him any straight answers, he tells her to come back when she’s prepared to be honest.

When she returns she talks honestly to Michael, telling him that she wants to be principal because she hasn’t done anything with her life. On hearing this, Michael is disappointed that she never once mentioned helping the kids and tells Libby the mentorship isn’t for her. Upset, she leaves Erinsborough to see Ben.

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