Lyn wants to know what Paul and Toadie are up to and tells Paul not to drag Toadie into one of his schemes. Paul points out that his agreement with Toadie is confidential and later tells Toadie to make sure he keeps Lyn out of their business.

Paul asks Declan to help with his PirateNet event later that day. As the upcoming manager Paul believes Declan is the best man for the job of schmoozing advertising clients, much to Andrew’s annoyance.

Michael shows Lucas an ad for a mechanics teaching job. At first he isn’t interested then later catches up with Michael to find out more. However, when he turns up for his interview, he finds out the other applicant is Steph!

At the PirateNet event, Paul has reluctantly let Andrew help out. However, when Donna complains to Andrew that one of the clients, Craig, is sleazing on all of the girls, Andrew takes charge and moves the girls into the kitchen. Declan is riled when he thinks Andrew is trying to take over, and when Craig pinches Kate’s bottom, Declan tries to take him outside. When Paul and Rebecca return from taking some of the clients on a tour of Lassiter’s, they see Declan and Craig collapsed in a heap on the floor. Paul is fuming, while Andrew looks on smugly.

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