In a heated discussion with Carolyn, Bree lets slip that her husband, Harvey, cheated on her with a stewardess called Monique. In her distress, Carolyn heads down to Field’s supermarket, where Harvey works, with a loaded gun.

By coincidence, Julie and Austin are also in the store. As are Lynette and Nora, who are arguing over Kayla. Nora wants to take Kayla to Mexico, where she has been offered a job dancing in a strip club, but Lynette wants to apply for full custody.

Suddenly Carolyn arrives, pulls her gun on Harvey (who scampers into his office) and takes everyone in the store hostage. When Nora won’t stop arguing with Lynette about Kayla, Lynette explains that Nora put the moves on her husband, and an incensed Carolyn shoots Nora in the chest.

Before she dies, Nora begs Lynette to raise Kayla as her own child. Just as Carolyn is about to shoot again, Lynette’s new neighbour throws a heavy object at her and Lynette takes a bullet in the arm. In the melee, Austin seizes the opportunity to stop the gunwoman.