Lynette comes home

Lynette is back from hospital after the supermarket shootout. Young Parker doesn’t want her near the place again, so she tries to build his confidence by telling him that Art, who saved her life, is a secret superhero. But she’s less charmed by her new neighbour when they discover pictures of young boys all over his walls.

Mrs McCluskey has a run-in with Edie over borrowing Mike’s lawnmower, but its absence is a lucky break for Mike: when Detective Ridley searches his house to find the wrench that struck Monique, he can’t find any trace of the tool kit that housed it.

Susan wants to bar Julie from seeing Austin but when she calls Karl in for backup, he discovers that Susan is seeing Ian and turns on her instead.

Bree makes Orson furious by fixing a dinner date with his supposedly senile old mother, Gloria, who’s in a nearby nursing home. When Orson tells Gloria he sold her house and possessions, she flips and ends up driving the nursing home’s van into a fire hydrant.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle’s attempts to resurrect her New York modelling career are dealt a blow when her agent says she’s too old for the best jobs. Susan placates her by saying they don’t want her to move to NY anyway.