Lynette and Rick are enjoying another cosy dinner after hours at the pizzeria, when two men burst in and lock them in the freezer. Next morning, Tom realises from the CCTV footage just how cosy the dinners are, and asks Rick outright if he’s sleeping with Lynette, which Rick denies. That night, when Rick tells Lynette of Tom suspicions, she says he’ll have to go then lies to Tom that Rick handed in his notice.

When Carlos tells Susan that Mike has gone hiking, she heads off into the forest to find him. Susan tells her guide, Toni, about her failed relationship and when Toni suggests that Susan was the cause of any problems, Susan goes to find Mike on her own. Susan leaves a loving message on Mike’s voicemail, and when Mike finds Susan the next morning, he takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Gabrielle’s annoyed when she gets a parking ticket, but soon learns that Victor’s ex-wife never paid any. When Victor wins the election, Gaby is celebrating her new status as First Lady of Fairview when she spies the traffic warden from the day before and deliberately parks illegally. When Gaby ends up getting herself arrested, Victor bails her out but warns her that he expects more from his soon-to-be wife.

And, Edie and Carlos admit that life won’t be half as much fun once Edie’s son Travis returns to stay with his father.