Lynette decides to embrace religion and asks Bree if she can come along to her church. Bree agrees but is embarrassed when Lynette asks the pastor a series of questions in front of the whole congregation. Bree explains that Presbyterians don’t ask questions during a service and suggests she tries out other churches instead. But when Bree realises her pastor was pleased with her for introducing new faces to the congregation and didn’t mind the questions at all, she heads off to the local Catholic church to find her…

Gabrielle has decided to remarry Carlos and manages to persuade her priest to perform the ceremony at the hospital. Carlos, meanwhile, doesn’t have the courage to tell Gabrielle that he’s permanently blind, fearing she’ll leave him. But when Edie discovers that the diamond necklace Carlos gave her is actually worthless, she tells Gabrielle that Carlos’s condition is more serious than she realises.

Susan’s cousin Tim is helping her with her taxes and he reveals that he got fired from his last job for sleeping with his boss’s 18-year-old daughter. When Katherine and Dylan turn up at Susan’s house it seems to Susan that Tim’s extremely pleased to hear that Dylan is nearly 18. Later, when Susan visits Mike in rehab, she calls home and realises that Tim’s got a girl with him!