Lyn’s worried about Charlie

The neighbours join in the search for Charlie and Mark organises patrols to look for him. Lyn is waiting at home and is frantic with worry. When they can’t find him, Kyle thinks they’re not thinking like a kid and looking in the right places. With that, Kyle hears a rustle and finds Charlie hiding.

They’re all so relieved, but Lyn’s left upset when it transpires that he didn’t want to come home and won’t talk to Lyn. Lyn blames Sophie thinking she must have upset Charlie but Summer tells her maybe they should take Mark’s advice and get him to see a child psychologist, but Lyn won’t have it.

When things calm down, Lyn goes to get Charlie’s bag from Sophie and apologies for blaming her. When Lyn looks through his bag, she finds a flyer for a Mother’s Day stall at the Kindergarten and she realises he was looking for Steph.

Worried about Libby, Karl tries to set her up with one of his doctor friends. Seeing through his plan, Libby asks Toadie and Lucas for their help in getting Karl off her back. Arriving home for dinner, Karl and Susan are shocked when Libby turns up with Lucas, and even more shocked when it appears that they’re together.

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