Cindy tells Mac she’s continuing with her plan to get what she’s owed from him. When Mac threatens to report her for bigamy if she takes it any further, Cindy’s shaken, but she’s not backing down. Mac is stunned when he turns up at The Loft and is faced with James, his son, and ex-wife Marnie – and they’re going to help Cindy take him for everything he’s got!

Nancy’s frosty with Darren, still suspicious about what he’s been conspiring with Maxine about. Meanwhile, Patrick’s vision continues to torment Maxine and, as he follows her, she loses control in the village. Nancy and Jason rush over to console Maxine. As they take her to the police station, Nancy orders Darren to tell her what’s going on, so he reveals the whole truth. Horrified, Nancy goes with Darren to the police station with the intention of confessing but instead Nancy warns Maxine to pull herself together and keep quiet.

Jade’s putting on a brave face but she’s clearly terrified about her first chemo session that day. Jack’s also struggling with the situation, plagued by memories of his daughter, Jill, and Steph battling cancer.

Also, Simone is giving Louis the silent treatment after Joanne’s accusation that he assaulted her. Louis confronts Joanne, who shows him a bruise on her wrist. He can’t believe he caused that and chases after Joanne when she says she’s going to tell Simone everything. However, when faced with Simone, Joanne admits that she exaggerated and wants them all to start over – why is she lying? Later, sneaky Joanne wipes the ‘bruise’ off her arm.