Mac keeps an eye on Neeta

Mac makes his presence felt at the salon in Hollyoaks

Neeta’s helping Jesse and Adam with the salon, and Mac offers to help too but only so he can keep an eye on Neeta while she’s surrounding by hot guys. Adam gives Mac a conditioning treatment, but Jesse has a mischievous trick up his sleeve and Mac ends up with a blue rinse!

Meanwhile, Maxine’s annoyed to see Warren at the flat, presuming he’s trying to worm his way back into her affections, and totally unaware he spent the night with Sienna. Sienna tries to stop Warren leaving the village with the tempting thought of Maxine being sent to prison – it would be revenge for Mitzeee getting him locked up.

Elsewhere, Darren and Nancy have a go of Alfie’s telescope and are horrified by what they see through Maxine’s window – Warren. That night, Warren wakes Maxine up claiming she was having a nightmare. He lies that she was screaming about killing Patrick, which forces her to tell him the truth about burying the body…

Also, Nico asks a nervous Peri if she wants to go camping. In the woods, Peri and Nico find a deserted bunker and, as they head cautiously inside, Nico locks them both in!