Mac thinks twice about signing his life away

Marnie wants Mac to sign the power of attorney documents, but he won't be swayed that easily

James urges Marnie to get Mac’s signature on the power of attorney documents. When Ellie and Alfie overhear Marnie asking Mac to ‘make it official’, they assume their parents are planning to get remarried. As Marnie takes in her devastated children when they find out the truth, Mac rips up the power of attorney documents – he refuses to sign away his whole life until he gets a second opinion!

Meanwhile, wanting things to go back to normal with him and Leela, Zack urges Leela to make up her mind about whether or not she wants to be with him. Simone tells Louis that she wishes Zack could be with a nice girl like Cleo.

Also, Cindy gets back from holiday and instantly locks horns with her political rival, Simone.

And does Goldie need to watch her back?