Mac’s health takes a turn for the worse

Mac's urged to change his lifestyle, but is it already too late in Hollyoaks?

Mac’s doctor confirms that he’s had a mini stroke and warns him to change his lifestyle. The family is rushed out of the room when Mac has another attack. Marnie tells James they need to end their plan, but will James agree?

Meanwhile, Louis urges Leela to break up with Zack, who moves out when Simone refuses to acknowledge his relationship with Leela. Later, Leela’s freaked out when Zack turns up on her doorstep with his bag, offering to look after her and Daniel. She tells him he’s moving too fast and breaks up with him!

Cindy and Darren are helping Tom get ready for his driving test but a nervous Tom reveals that he keeps thinking of how his mum and dad died – in a car crash. Cindy gives Tom their dad’s lucky driving gloves and encourages him to go through with his test. Will he pass with flying colours?

Also, Yasmine asks Prince on a date to The Bean. Prince is heading that way already and agrees. Yasmine’s furious when Prince seems more interested in Lily – can she compete?