Mad Mary is left alone with Kerry

Annoyed by Harold’s refusal to let baby Kerry go to prison to see Sky, Janelle takes drastic action and steals her. At the prison, Janelle and baby Kerry meet ‘harmless’ Mary, and Janelle is pleased that Sky has such a lovely mother figure to help her out.

Back at home, Harold apologises for his stubbornness, but as talk turns to Sky’s cellmate, Janelle panics when she realises this is the same scary Mary who held Pepper captive. Janelle and Harold rush to the prison to encounter a panicking Sky, who has left Kerry in Mary’s care. A riot begins and a prison lock down ensues, leaving Sky trapped outside in the prison garden while her baby Kerry is left inside with a seemingly mad woman.

Elsewhere, fearing her dad will die without knowing how much she loved him, Elle spends a lonely anxious night at the hospital by Paul’s bedside. Meanwhile, Oliver spends a sleepless night at home worried about Elle, and is so concerned he heads to the hospital to comfort her. Believing Paul’s neuroma may be the cause of his nasty behaviour towards her in the past, Elle punishes herself for how she’s treated her dad, and spends the night hoping she’ll have the chance to make things up to him.