Mad Max puts Grace in danger!

DS Max Carter has been doing his duty with aid of cocaine – and so far he’s got away with it. But could his nasty habit have tragic consequences for one of his Sun Hill colleagues as they investigate the disappearance of a wealthy businessman…?

Pcs Ben Gayle and Nate Roberts take the call about an abandoned car that has been found covered in blood. The motor is registered to Mr Kapur, a leading light in the business community. It hasn’t been reported stolen and yet Mr Kapur’s wife, Nalira, and daughter, Arshia, say he flew to India earlier that day. Max is clear-headed enough to realise that something doesn’t add up and decides to dig deeper…

His digging throws up some interesting – and disturbing – facts… First, Mr Kapur hasn’t gone to India; his family is lying. Secondly, CCTV has spotted that crooks followed Mr Kapur’s car. Finally, another visit to the Kapur home yields the truth: Mr Kapur has been kidnapped for ransom. Max takes over the money drop and it goes wrong.

So Max suggests Grace poses as Mr Kapur’s daughter… It’s a dangerous idea. And it could be fatal! Is this why DC Terry Perkins puts pressure on Max to come clean about his cocaine abuse to DI Neil Manson? And will Max clean up his act?