Maddie attacks Tim! (VIDEO)

Tim’s alone at No 4 and asleep on the sofa when Maddie breaks in looking for the watch. She unwittingly disturbs Tim who makes a grab for her but she punches him in the nose and legs it. Tim lies to the police that the intruder was a burly man, but Sophie suspects Maddie was behind the attack.

Nick explains to Leanne how he’s a changed man and that the old Nick who she married has gone. Leanne’s upset, but Nick forces her to admit that they can’t go on as they are. This is the end of the road for the troubled couple.

Roy’s angry with Hayley for ending her life the way she did and blames himself for not stopping her. Anna assures Roy he did the right thing letting Hayley die, but Roy feels wretched and starts to resent what Hayley has done to him.

Also, Rita tells Dennis she feels left out; and Chesney tells Beth and Kirk to move into No 5.