Sophie visits the shelter and is alarmed to see Maddie sporting a bruised face, but Maddie’s annoyed to find that Sophie’s been checking up on her background and dashes off. Just wanting to help, Sophie chases after Maddie, but is shocked when Maddie suddenly kisses her.

Tyrone’s shocked to learn that Hayley took her own life and Roy’s boycotting the funeral. Carla orders him to get dressed and they join the other residents as Hayley’s cardboard coffin arrives in the hearse. At the funeral, Fiz speaks about her memories of Hayley, but Roy feels he can’t remain silent anymore and gets ready to reveal Hayley’s secret

Nick feels like a burden to his family so Leanne suggests he moves back into Victoria Court while she and Simon stay with Stella.

Also, Rob’s put out when Tracy shuns his offer of a night out to spend time with Amy; and when the caterers fail to deliver the food for the wake, Steve improvises a spread at the Rovers. Andrea drops by and lends a hand.