Thinking she’s been stood up by Maddie, Sophie arrives home depressed. But when Maddie turns up in a terrible state, she explains how she’s been mugged.

The builder realises all his tools have been stolen from his van and tells Dev and Kal they need to find someone else. It seems Tony has tipped the balance back in Jason’s favour.

Tina arrives home clearly upset by Peter’s suggestion. Deciding to get drunk with Steph and Katy, she tells them about a friend of hers who is having an affair – Steph realises she’s talking about herself. With the intention of ending the affair, she sets off to meet Peter, but she’s unable to end it with the man she’s fallen in love with.

Also, Eileen apologises to Liz for her outburst and they agree to put it behind them; and Gary feels guilty when Anna bursts into tears as she realises she can’t afford Faye’s birthday party.