Maddy and Spencer get back together

Spencer blows up at Maddy, who is devastated that she has hurt him so much. Harvey has a man to man with Spencer, telling him that if he still wants Maddy in his life, he needs to get his act together. Spencer apologises to Maddy and the pair realise they both still love each other and decide to get back together.

Heath is devastated that he’s unable to contact Connie, and baffled as to why she thinks he’s been stealing. Kyle overhears Heath talking to Bianca, and it’s clear that he knows something about Connie’s accusation. Bianca speaks to Connie who tells her that 100,000 dollars was transferred from Angelo’s to her bank account, and Connie thinks that it’s Heath’s dirty money. Heath goes to Angelo’s, demanding to check the books.

John can’t find Jett and calls Bianca, suspecting that Jett might be hiding out at the school. His suspicions are confirmed when they find Jett asleep in the principal’s office. John lies down to sleep beside him and Jett’s surprised to see him there in the morning. John makes it clear to Jett – wherever you go I go, but he needs Jett to fight too. It’s clear John and Jett are father and son, legalities aside.