Maddy considers Alf’s threat

Maddy tells Roo about Alf’s threat to kick her out if she doesn’t behave and Roo is furious with her father. Harvey, however, defends Alf, suggesting she’s too soft with Maddy and needs to stick to her guns. Later, after Alf demands she help Roo with lunch, Maddy continues to be disrespectful and, acting on Alf and Harvey’s advice, Roo comes down hard on her.

Maddy storms out and seeks Spencer’s sympathy but he tells her not to be so stubborn. If she continues to act like this she’ll be out on her own – he won’t be coming with her. In fear of losing Spencer, Maddy apologises to Roo and Alf but asks to be treated more like an adult. They agree as long as the respect is mutual.

Now he’s off the chemotherapy, Romeo is feeling better but Indi can tell something’s wrong and questions her father about him. Sid is growing impatient with Romeo and tells him his wife deserves to know – if Romeo doesn’t tell her he will. Romeo agrees to do something about it and, leaving Heath to run the gym, he surprises Indi at uni – he’s taking her away for some quality time together.