Maddy is stabbed!

Maddy’s devastated when Ric refuses to let her interview for the ST3 job and begins to rethink her future at Holby. But when Ric watches Maddy operate on a patient, he sees her in a new light and offers her the chance to be interviewed. A delighted Maddy heads into the toilets to check her make-up when she spots Hannah’s cellmate Chantelle standing behind her. Chantelle viciously stabs Maddy in the back, leaving her in a pool of blood on the floor.

On her first day back on AAU, Chrissie is very unfriendly towards Daisha, commenting about her ‘inappropriate relationship’ with her dad, Mark. Daisha insists that Mark is not infatuated with her, and vows to prove it. But when Daisha learns that Mark discharged a flirty patient out of jealousy, she decides to move out of his flat.

Joseph and Faye must choose a Best Man and someone to give Faye away at their wedding. When Elliot agrees to help with the food tasting, Faye asks if he’ll give her away, and he agrees. Faye suggests that Joseph ask Linden to be Best Man.

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