Maddy makes a drastic decision

Maddy decides to run away from her problems

A heartbroken Matt tells Alf that Maddy has dumped him. Alf tells Roo about the break-up and Roo tells Matt to fight for Maddy. Inspired by her pep talk, Matt returns to the hospital and tells Maddy he’s not going anywhere and the pair break down in an emotional reunion. Matt leaves Maddy to get some rest, but when he returns with Roo, Maddy has run away…

Things between Ricky and Nate are tense and when Tori tries to give Nate advice, he tells her to mind her own business. Yet the two call a truce when they have to deliver a premature baby. When Nate arrives home, Ricky tries to have an intimate moment with her husband, but he turns her down.

When Alf questions Tori about her family, she immediately cuts the conversation short.

John refuses to give up on Chris and encourages him to find meaning in Hannah’s death. His words work and Chris decides to ask the hospital to name the emergency ward in Hannah’s honour.