Oscar is delighted when Maddy asks him to prom, a decision that upsets Spencer. Spencer tells Maddy she should treat Oscar well, as he is going to a lot of trouble to make her prom perfect. Especially when she is only going to make Josh jealous. Later, Chris says that he can go to prom with Spencer as his wingman – an idea that Spencer rejects immediately.

Sasha and Matt ask Phoebe to play at the school prom. Kyle then suggests that Matt should play instead; however, Matt makes it clear he’s not keen. Phoebe is convinced that Matt has stage fright and when she invites him on stage at Angelo’s he storms out. Matt reveals the last time he played live he had a fight with his alcoholic father, which had tragic consequences for his sister.

Shandi arrives at the Palmers’ doorstep wanting to put things right with John. But when Marilyn turns up, Shandi makes it clear Marilyn’s presence isn’t wanted. Marilyn heads to The Diner, where she breaks down in Alf’s arms.