Maddy pushes Alf and Josh to the limit

Josh asks Maddy to come over to his van for the night but Alf quickly tells her she can’t. So a sneaky Maddy brings Josh to the house and Alf confronts her with a letter from the school saying she’s falling behind. The next morning, Alf busts Maddy trying to sneak back in after staying at Josh’s last night. Josh is a little concerned about why Maddy is pushing Alf so much and decides he doesn’t want to play this game with her.

Ricky tries to help Heath out with single fatherhood but he insists on doing it on his own. Later, Heath is cold with Bianca and admits that he can’t be around her without wanting her back. Heath tells her that breaking up was 100 per cent his call and Bianca apologises to Irene. At home alone, Heath considers taking off his wedding ring but can’t bring himself to do it.

Chris tries desperately to win Denny back with a sweet treat but she isn’t interested. When John and Marilyn drop into the Diner they unwittingly give Chris the idea to try and prove he’s better than Casey.

When Chris tries again with Denny she’s distracted as she spots Casey going in for a surf, Chris runs off and grabs a surf board in an attempt to show Casey up but instead makes a complete fool of himself.