Maddy receives online abuse

Maddy is shaken after posting a message on Facecloud defending Matt, and receives some threatening replies. Later, Matt is offered his apprenticeship back and happily accepts the offer. With things looking up, he offers to take Maddy out, but she’s still on edge from all the hurtful comments.

Hannah and Phoebe try to talk some sense into Kat, but things backfire and she runs straight into the arms of her ex. The next day, Ash confronts Kat in the police station, but is overheard by Emerson. Dylan plays the victim to Kat and claims that Ash accused him of trashing the garage. Furious, Kat gives Ash a piece of her mind.

Later, Ash tells Andy that Dylan is the culprit behind the break-in. Annoyed with the reality that the police won’t take the word of an ex-convict, Ash goes off to find Hannah and Phoebe and asks the pair to talk to Kat about her relationship with Dylan.