Maddy spends time with Spencer before her first chemotherapy session. As she waits in the hospital with Roo, Alf, Marilyn and Spencer there is no sign of Oscar. An anxious Maddy waits for Oscar as Nate tells her it’s time to start her treatment.

Chris attempts a citizens arrest when he catches Josh painting a mural on the side of the Surf Club. When Evelyn sees it she is blown away by the romantic gesture. Both Jett and Marilyn are in awe of the painting and the three stage an impromptu protest in front of the mural.

Brax arrives back just in time to sign his bail conditions. Later, Kat receives a photograph from CCTV showing Brax breaching his bail conditions. Kyle confronts Kat with a newspaper clipping that shows she was involved in the killing of an innocent man; Kat backs down and tells Kyle she believes Brax is innocent.