Maddy tries to manipulate Spencer

Maddy devises a plan where she seeks counselling from Natalie to appear vulnerable, and Spencer is concerned. Meanwhile, Zac tells Natalie that Maddy is pretending there’s something wrong to make Spencer interested. Natalie speaks to Maddy and she admits to Spencer she’s trying to manipulate his desire for helping those in need. Spencer accepts her apology, and they decide to be friends.

Sid finds out that Indi has used the gym’s money to hire a private investigator. Later, Dex tells Indi that stopping the search doesn’t mean giving up on Romeo. Seeing that he’s right, Indi apologises to Sid and he tells her it’s time to let go. Indi decides to go to the beach for a surf and asks Sid to come with her. It’s a cathartic process that helps Indi let go.

April reveals she’s put in her application for prac at Northern Districts Hospital. Sid offers April advice and Dex is frustrated – already the two doctors are nudging him out. April gets the placement and Dex hides his anxiety about working with her.

John apologises to Marilyn for how they spoke last night. Marilyn reveals she’s worried that he has feelings for her. John’s offended that she could think that so soon after Gina’s death, and Marilyn is left embarrassed.