Maddy wants to be with Josh

When Andy encourages Josh to ditch school, Josh admits he wants to sort things out with Maddy. Later, Montgomery berates Josh for being late and Leah sees her slam him in front of the class. Overwhelmed, Josh storms out of class. He tells Maddie she doesn’t need to ‘fix him’ but Maddy tells him she just wants to be with him. When Andy arrives he gives Maddy a hard time, and Josh doesn’t stand up for her.

Ricky brushes off Kyle’s concerns after she faints. Later, Nate convinces her to take a home pregnancy test and Kyle walks in to hear the result; Ricky is pregnant. Kyle promises to support Ricky, along with Heath, Brax and Casey. But Ricky bars Kyle from telling them.

Jett tells Alf he’s concerned that John and Marilyn aren’t spending time together because John doesn’t trust him, and enlists Alf to help him bring John and Marilyn together. When John discovers that Jett is scheming with Alf he’s angry. Alf explains Jett’s reasons and John is surprised by Jett’s thoughtfulness.

At the Diner, Montgomery witnesses Leah encouraging Josh to return to school. She interrupts their conversation to tell Leah that she’s wasting her time. Leah’s angry that Montgomery keeps putting down the kids and shows her what a coward she is.