Maddy’s life hangs in the balance

The search is on to save Maddy

Maddy struggles as she battles a fever and excruciating pain. She tries to reach for her phone, but ends up collapsing on the floor.

Tanya won’t stop lashing out at Roo, but Alf has had enough and quickly puts Tanya back in her place.


As Josh and Evelyn talk about Oscar and Hannah’s deaths, Andy sees them and feels even more guilty. Andy tries to persuade Leah to tell the family that he is responsible for the explosion, but she explains that she will tell Evelyn and Zac when the time is right.


Leah tells Josh and Evelyn about Maddy’s infection. The teenagers rush off to find Matt and Evelyn’s quick thinking leads them to Maddy. They immediately rush her to hospital and when Maddy comes round, she says she’s determined to rebuild her life and considers moving back in with her mum.


Skye decides to visit Tank in hospital, where he admits that he’s covering for Andy. She’s horrified and when she sees Josh and Evelyn, she tells them that Andy is responsible for the explosion.